We are Enough

So many of us when we encounter challenges, automatically go to our ‘I am not enough’ belief system. ‘I am not enough’, ‘My work is not enough’, ‘People don’t love me enough’. 

And our day spirals with the ‘not enough’ that we are feeding ourselves. It’s hard to catch ourselves when we are in this mode of action. But absolutely essential that we remember where it is coming from.

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Ridding yourself of Toxic Relationships

Sometimes the only thing to do for sanity and to heal is to walk away from a relationship, until you can gather your feelings about whether it can continue.

It is easier with friends or acquaintances, but very difficult with family. Either your own family or your spouse’s family. It is typically met with judgement.  But that is your parent, you cannot walk away!

As I have gotten older, I understand a little better how some families become so dysfunctional. And to me it usually centers around control. Watching some parents manage their relationships with their children as they get older is very interesting. Some parents have serious issues with allowing their offspring to develop minds, wishes, and desires of their own. 

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