Self Love – A Priority

How about this year, we start with Self Love being a priority?

Just make a decision to put ourselves and our healing first. What if we decided that we would only allow into our lives those that lifted us up, at least for a time. Until we were feeling stronger and able to direct our lives the way that we wanted. Would it be that hard, to simply make the choice to ‘choose ourselves’?

We walk through life not feeling like we have a choice about who we let in.  I know when I was younger, I did not feel that limiting family access to my life was an option. The opinions of others held more weight than was comfortable. I know differently now. It is an option, if not a necessity. 

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Feeling out of your comfort zone?

Do you feel out of your comfort zone? Are the changes in your life overwhelming? Osprey lets you know you can survive even with your head under emotional waters.

“Know that now is the time to assert yourself. It will pay off. Believe in yourself!” Osprey

As my furry friend and I took our bone chilling walk this morning, I wondered why we are not as good a friend to ourselves as we are to others. I was proof positive of this, as I was always the first to criticize myself if I did something I perceived was not as good as it should be. The correct technical term is ‘Perfectionist’. It is something that I have been working hard on letting go of for a long time. Cutting myself a little slack.

But I knew that it wasn’t just me. There are many of us that do not treat ourselves very kindly. These people appeared to be all around me at the moment. Particularly those that were looking for work and unable to find it. They were perceiving themselves as not being worthy. Wondering why no interviews were coming their way, and blaming themselves.

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