Program/Project Manager with 30+ years experience in Project and Operational Systems.

Coaching Service Offerings.

Service A

Project Coaching. Information management projects sometimes need a second set of eyes. If your project is at risk or has started to deviate from plans, perhaps you need someone to review this with. Let’s get that project back on track.

Service B

Transition to Operations Planning. Development of Service Level Agreements, Operational Procedures and Processes. Let’s get your team set up for successful operations.

Service C

Leadership Coaching. New Leader just needing a little help getting settled. Not limited to Information Management environments.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with Jacquie at several companies. She has always taken pride in her work, pushed the envelope to achieve better results and somehow does it while making all those in her presence feel important and part of a team. Without hesitation, I would recommend Jacquie for any leadership and/or coaching role as I myself have experienced her abilities and benefited from her skills.

Michelle Archer

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