Healing Energy Management  Services

Trained Usui Reiki Master – Certification October 2012

Chakras are energy centers, or portals in the human energy field. Each time since early childhood when we stopped the flow of energy in a painful event, we froze that event in both energy and time. This is what we call an energy blockage. The part of our psyche associated with that event also froze in the moment we stopped the pain. That part of our psyche remains frozen until we thaw it out, or remove the blockage. It does not mature as we do. It will not mature until it is healed, and enough healing has occurred to thaw it and initiate the maturation process.

Chakras can become blocked. The free flow of energy in and out, plus the flow of energy to other chakras, is impeded. Chakra blockages can have significant impact on your entire energy system.The role of the Reiki Practitioner is to move the energy and get the chakra blockages cleared, so that healing can begin to occur.  Reiki has been known to heals on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It goes to the source of the imbalance and heals the cause of it.

  • Reiki Healing Sessions – 1 hour healing sessions
  • Usui Reiki Level I Training – Full day
  • Usui Reiki Level II Training – Full day
  • Usui Reiki Advanced Training – Full Day
  • Usui Reiki Master Level Training – Full Day