The Seat of my soul has a sense of humor

I wish had learned this lesson sooner in life. The stillness that comes when you quiet the mind is a beautiful thing!

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The premise of this blog is similar – focusing on positivity and the Power of Love. 

“You can learn to quiet your mind and listen to the song of your soul – Katrina Mayer”

The difference between how our body and minds manage pain are immense. Have you ever noticed that your body just keeps doing its work, and you don’t obsess over it unless it causes pain? Then you do what you need to deal with the pain and move on. Our mind on the other hand is constantly on high alert to protect itself.

Our mind is constantly obsessing. It is working to try to protect us from things that may not ever even happen. Constantly worrying about what might be, and putting together plans for how to avoid it. For some of us, the constant chatter in our heads is incessant.’

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