The Seat of my soul has a sense of humor

I wish had learned this lesson sooner in life. The stillness that comes when you quiet the mind is a beautiful thing!

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The premise of this blog is similar – focusing on positivity and the Power of Love. 

“You can learn to quiet your mind and listen to the song of your soul – Katrina Mayer”

The difference between how our body and minds manage pain are immense. Have you ever noticed that your body just keeps doing its work, and you don’t obsess over it unless it causes pain? Then you do what you need to deal with the pain and move on. Our mind on the other hand is constantly on high alert to protect itself.

Our mind is constantly obsessing. It is working to try to protect us from things that may not ever even happen. Constantly worrying about what might be, and putting together plans for how to avoid it. For some of us, the constant chatter in our heads is incessant.’

This is because we are trying to protect our heart. Everything that has happened to us in life, and we have not sufficiently dealt with is stored in our heart. We are constantly opening and then closing our heart in an effort to try to protect it. Every time that we close our heart to our pain, we store it in our bodies. Saving it for later to come back again, and again until it is dealt with.

Life is constantly evolving and changing and good things as well as bad will happen continually. How we manage through these things makes all the difference. The entire scope of our outer experience with life is based on our inner problems. If someone made fun of something that we wore one day and we stored that pain, you can bet we have our mind working on how to never let that happen again. If we are perfectionist in nature, you can bet that you have invoked a million scripts in your head that are trying to keep you from experiencing previous pains. Invented or real.

We have sent our minds on impossible missions. Make sure everybody likes me, make sure I earn the most money that I can so that I never experience want again. Everything that has triggered our inner pain, has an associated script created to try to help us avoid ever encountering this again. You are constantly trying to arrange people, places and things so that they don’t disturb you. You begin to feel that life is a struggle and are on high alert, watching for things that can disturb you. That is why we worry and have dialogues in our head.

I was a constant worrier, and noticed that many of the things that I worried about never came to be. Meditation, yoga and other modalities help but I found that they worked only while you were doing them. I wanted lasting relief from the scripts operating in my head. And then I happened upon some information from The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael Singer that changed things for me.

He tells you to connect with your soul and listen. This is the mind of the observer, the part of you that is sitting in the background watching things unfold. And so I started to do this, as things were whizzing around in my head I would consciously choose to align with the observer and just watch the fireworks.

At first it was an odd feeling to not engage in the drama that was being created in my mind, but to just simply sit back and observe. The trick was to not engage, if your mind tried to drag you into the drama you resolved not to go down that path. You simply connected with the soul again.

I discovered in this process that my soul had an awesome sense of humor. As I aligned with her, I would hear her say things like “oh good here comes Debbie Drama again”. And I would chuckle in spite of myself, and learn to dis-engage. The other trick that I learned was that it was essential to not close your heart. This was a hard one for me, as it was my norm to close down to everything that hurt. To try desperately to avoid the pain. But I knew that if I didn’t want things stored inside anymore then I would have to permit the pain in my heart, and allow it to pass through.

She would say things like “that sucked” to cheer me up. I really grew to like her, and wanted to spend more time with her and not the other crazies that were constantly dominating. It was hard work, and sometimes I would miss the mark and get caught in the drama of the moment. Something that I am still working on, but there is a growing silence and for this I am thankful.

Since my mind is not constantly battling with the unexpected, I am living in the moment more often. My mind is free to just take in the beauty on a walk, feel love in the moment and engage my mind on tasks that I want it to work on.

When I truly noticed the silence, I started to worry. What if it is not working, what if I just simply wore my mind down and it has given up in protest? To which, her response was “SERIOUSLY! Wasn’t this the point”. I like her, and think from now on I will spend more time with her.

May you embrace the Silence within


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