Spiritual Bypass

I laugh now at some of the Self Help stuff that I have read over the years. But in actual fact, I don’t really think that it is funny.

I think that some of it is very dangerous, in fact. I too was a seeker on my journey and read endless books about trying to understand the subconcious mind. The overall theme was that there was something wrong with the way you were perceiving your situation.

The focus seemed to always be on the mind. There was very little focus on paying attention to how your body was feeling when situations arose that caused you stress, anxiety, panic or the like.

Of course, some of us have overactive minds. I know that I certainly do. But sending me on a journey to dissect my mind, was not helpful. I could overthink things, until I was truly ruminating. It would inevitably make things worse.

It wasn’t until I found the body connection that things made sense to me. Teaching myself to pay better attention to what was happening in my body, and then invoking the mind to help was a far better approach.

I came to feel insulted with the endless think positive thoughts, and positive actions will follow. Because we all know that when you are triggered by something, it is not as simple as that. You have to get to the root of where the pain is coming from, and do something about fixing it. The key is finding what is causing the pain, and developing a strategy of healing it. 

You can not simply meditate it away. Forget it exists, and think your way to a positive outcome. That is insulting. Of course, being mindful and developing mindfulness practices is an important part of healing. But it is not the cure. 

Creating a connection between what your mind is experiencing and what is happening in your body is the key. What is it that causes stress in your body, where do you feel it? What does it feel like? Why would it be occurring? 

Important questions that need to be explored to identify whether you potentially have stored toxic emotions that have not been resolved. 

In the culture people talk about trauma as an event that happened a long time ago. But what trauma is, is the imprints that event has left on your mind and in your sensations… the discomfort you feel and the agitation you feel and the rage and the helplessness you feel right now.”
― Bessel A. van der Kolk

The mind is a powerful thing, it has stored memories and responses that have occurred to us.  We manage emotions in unconscious ways – and this is when we “hold” onto them, deep inside ourselves. It is when we do not process and vent these toxic emotions that they manifest an imbalance in physical form in our bodies. We take out the emotion on our body instead of moving through it consciously.

Of course our mind plays a major role in this whole process, but the key to real healing is noticing the bodies response to an event. It provides valuable insight around unprocessed emotion that needs to be acknowledged before attempts to invoke the mind to correct the belief system. 

“Before aligning the mind, body and soul … first one has to straighten their mind out.”
― Stephen Richards

Simply changing our thoughts without understanding and resolving our bodies responses, will not likely lead to success. The body will always indicate through it’s responses to an event that there is something for the mind to work with to resolve. 

Then the true work for the mind can begin it’s healing. 

Love and Light to you all!

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