We are Enough

So many of us when we encounter challenges, automatically go to our ‘I am not enough’ belief system. ‘I am not enough’, ‘My work is not enough’, ‘People don’t love me enough’. 

And our day spirals with the ‘not enough’ that we are feeding ourselves. It’s hard to catch ourselves when we are in this mode of action. But absolutely essential that we remember where it is coming from.

If you think about small children and how impressionable they are, how they are soaking up life and trying to learn and understand the world around them. And, the most important thing to them is gaining love and affection from their caregivers. Now consider these children growing up with parents who have not dealt with their own life issues, narcissism, abandonment, addictions, mental health issues. The child would constantly be trying to attain their parents love and affection, only to have there actions ‘never be enough’ to fix the problem. No matter how hard they try, they cannot fix the problem because the problem is not theirs. It belongs to the parent.

We parent ourselves in the same manner we were parented. So the negative message of “I couldn’t fix it, so I am not good enough,” remains strong.

If you ever feel like you’re not good enough for something, it’s because you’re unaware of your own potential and your own value. And when you’re unaware of who you could be, you’re limited to who you think you are, to who people told you were, to who society tells you should be. – Rania Naim

To me this is the key to healing. Learning to re-parent ourselves the way that we wish we could have been parented.

Working to heal our own wounds, in order to leave the legacy of our parents wounds behind, and not carry them forward for ourselves.

Learning to be kind and gentle with ourselves. Taking control of our own internal messaging. Stopping the incessant chatter that is not of our own making, and replacing it with the truth.

Dismantle your wounds so you stop living your life by them. – Nikki Rowe

This is the point of this blog, to provide some tools to help us heal our wounds. Open up the conversation about supporting ourselves, and one another. So that we might all leave what is not ours to carry behind, and reach our highest potentials.

So on Global Kindness day, I ask you to consider that ‘You are Enough’, ‘I am Enough’ and ‘We are Enough’. 

Sending Love and Light

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