Letting Go

As fall approaches and I watch the trees turn color, I am in awe at just how easy it is for them to transition from one season to the next. It seems effortless; they simply seem to know intuitively how to move from one way of being to the next. And it occurs to me, that we humans could learn valuable lessons from this.

I walked through the park, and was in awe of the trees. The season of change, and nature just adapting as it always seems to do so effortlessly. There is no planning, debate or discussion around what it is to do next. The season simply responds to the world around it, and adapts.

It made me think about my own journey of healing, and how I spent so much time trying to think my way through to resolution. Little did I know that healing does not happen in the head but in the heart.

“I realize there’s something incredibly honest about trees in winter, how they’re experts at letting things go.”
― Jeffrey McDaniel

As I mentioned in The Seat of my Soul has a sense of humor , Everything that has happened to us in life, and we have not sufficiently dealt with is stored in our heart. We are constantly opening and then closing our heart in an effort to try to protect it. Every time that we close our heart to our pain, we store it in our bodies. Saving it for later to come back again, and again until it is dealt with.

Many of us unknowingly go through life with what I refer to as “closed heart syndrome.” When our hearts are closed, we cannot express our full potential, and, therefore, we limit what we allow into our lives. We limit our careers, our relationships, our health, and our overall wellness.

For me, oddly when my Mom passed I could feel my heart open. I assume the pain was such that I was unable to close it. It demanded to be felt. My head had no choice but to get out of the way, and simply allow my heart to feel what it needed to express.

It started my path to true healing, the art of letting go. Getting the mind out of the way, and just allowing your body to do what it needs to express. I have felt freer, and could no longer deny that my heart was the key to true healing. Allowing it do what it needed, when it needed and not forcing it do otherwise was the true key to letting go, and letting love in.

I thought of all this as I walked amongst the trees, and wondered if simply focusing on what you love and appreciate about your life, allowed you to free yourself of the emotional burdens you are holding onto?  As if in answer, the wind picked up and a shower of leaves fell on me.

I chuckled to myself, and said ‘Well okay then, guess I am letting go and letting my heart feel”. 

Let go, choose love, and let your spirit soar.

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