Honoring the Gentle Soul

“She doesn’t have to choose between being gentle or being fierce. Both exist in nature and both exist in her. That’s ok. She’ll know to nourish them both and when applicable, use each unapologetically.” Steve Maraboli

I know many people who are what I would describe as ‘gentle souls’. I believe myself to be one as well. And I know for the most part, that if we are truly honest with ourselves, we see this as a flaw. I know for the most part until recently, I definitely saw this as a character flaw.
But what if that in fact is not true, what if it actually is the exact opposite?
To be a gentle soul, you can feel as though you are weak, fragile, misunderstood and often times taken advantage of. We chastise ourselves for not being stronger. But I believe sometimes that we are seeing it all wrong. Perhaps being sensitive, or a gentle soul is really a great strength.
When those around you are hurting, the gentle soul will be the first to bring comfort and sensitivity to the forefront. You will be fully present with them in their pain, and they will feel it. Your presence of mind to them is a gift that is priceless.
You feel the pain, you don’t cower from it as you are unable to even if you tried. You let it run through you, and it brings with it depths of wisdom that others may not even understand. The depth of your wisdom, can be profound.
Your empathy allows you to feel others pain, to feel the unfairness in the world. You feel it, it doesn’t need to be your pain you can simply see it to feel it. Because you feel it, you find the strength to fight for what’s right, because living with what is wrong hurts your soul and seems unbearable. You surprise yourself with your strength sometimes with surprising fearlessness.
You treat others as you would like to be treated, because you know how it feels to experience the opposite. You intuitively help those that are weaker than you, because you have a flawless sense of justice that takes charge.
You love and respect nature, because you simply find it peaceful and understand it’s healing capacity.
Your sensitivity is building strength inside of you. The more emotions that you feel, the stronger you will become. You can handle more that most people because you are used to feeling more.
Although your natural state is peace, you are at your best in these situations. You exude peace to those around you. When you are not in a peaceful state, you suffer. Pay attention to how you feel with others, and remove yourself from situations that do not bring you peace.
You don’t give your emotions away freely. You know the consequences of that. Conserve them for those that you can trust, and can stand the test of time. Your love and friendship are a blessing.
Honor the grace that you so easily bring to a situation. You allow people the respect that they need to be themselves. You don’t belittle or degrade, it hurts your soul. Embrace your kindness and softness that allows people to be put at ease.
Embrace your sensitivity for the love that it truly is. When you experience pain, just know that it is because something is deviating from the love that you like to feel.
Sensitivity is labelled as a weakness by those that don’t know. Let’s rewrite the book, and see it for what it truly is and that is a strength that the world needs more of.

Honoring the Gentle Souls!


4 thoughts on “Honoring the Gentle Soul

  1. Anne says:

    You are one of the strongest people I know yet also one of kindest and most sensitive souls, Jacquie.
    I am proud to have you as a friend! Love you Anne


  2. Diana Barr says:

    Jacquie this is such a beautiful writing! It truly touched my soul. I see these traits in you and treasure them my dear friend!


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