Quiet Hope

“the voice of beauty speaks softly; it creeps into only the most fully awakened souls” Friedrich Nietzsche

I turn on the TV and promptly turn it off. I can’t stomach the craziness of it all, I feel as though it is polluting my airspace. I know I am not alone, that others too are wondering how one person’s opinions can possibly create such damage and ugliness. And so I choose not to give it my energy or attention.
But I notice that it does have a positive side effect. It is engaging some of the quieter voices that otherwise might not have been heard. It is making people mad enough to speak up and out. Maybe it is not all bad I think to myself, as crazy as it seems. Maybe this is how change is created. And while the loud voices are trying to distract and dismay, the quieter voices are banding together, gaining strength and momentum.
For the second time in one year, there have been global marches for equality. They are not creating division, they are creating movements of people banding together for the greater good. Quietly making their voices heard. It is encouraging.
And there are single individuals, creating beautiful change. You have to dig a little deeper to find these beautiful, wonderful quiet voices but they are there. Operating in the background creating a banding together of goodness.
Once such example is an amazing young lady named Becca Schofield from Riverview, New Brunswick. She has been fighting cancer for two years, and has had recent news that she will likely not win the battle. So she has created a bucket list, and on the list of her goals, she wants to create “a mass act of kindness”.
“It can be as big or as small as you’d like,” Becca said on Twitter. “Donate to charity, volunteer your time, or even just do the dishes without your parents asking.
“Do something to make someone smile and then tweet what you did under the hashtag #BeccaToldMeTo.”
She hopes the hashtag will trend worldwide.
And I find myself strangely feeling more hopeful, even with the loud voices ringing in the background. I feel like by bringing the ugliness into the light for all to see, that there is an undercurrent of quiet developing.
Perhaps it is making people take a position on where they stand. Having the voices come together, encouraging tough conversations, connecting people of like mind.
And perhaps it is just me, but I feel more quiet around me. Initiatives just seeming to start-up out of nowhere, silently building marches, protests, small acts of change building momentum.

The quiet seems to be building, and it makes me wonder if perhaps the real meaning of Peace on Earth, is a banding together of the quiet to create real change!
May the Silence be heard and we all embrace Hope!

2 thoughts on “Quiet Hope

  1. Brenda Lynch says:

    Good read Jacguie! As much as I dislike America’s current situation, I agree that it shines a light on the ugliness, and people that otherwise may not speak out are finding a voice. And while I’m not that well versed with the bible I do recall a passage that the meek shall inherit the world.


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