Eating Humble Pie

“I am returning this otherwise good typing paper to you because someone has printed gibberish all over it and put your name at the top. English Professor at Ohio University – name unknown”

I spent an action packed weekend at a wonderful writer’s conference in town. There were so many accomplished writer’s sharing their talents, tips and tricks with rooms full of us “wanna bees”.
It was a good reset for me, as I had been wondering about whether I should carry on with my blog. As minds will do, I had wondered if it was being perceived as me just feeding my own ego. Were people feeling as though they had to tune in, in order to not bruise my ego?
So the timing was perfect. Because now I know for sure that I don’t know the first thing about real writing. I left with a list of the things that I had no idea about, and what I would need to learn in order to do this right.
It was humbling, and energizing all at the same time. I listened to poets whose words moved me to tears. I listened to authors talk about their trials and tribulations, share how they overcame them, in an effort to save you from repeating their mistakes.
I listened to the passion in their voices as they spoke in detail about their particular genres. Even if their genre was not something that interested you, you could feel the passion emanating from them. It was wonderful to see their excitement, how they wanted to share the stories in their heads.
I was humbled by the work and the effort that they put into their projects, and more than one of them were sure to tell you that if you were in it for the fame and fortune, you might want to rethink that plan.
So why were there thousands of us there? What was the attraction, why did we just keep putting stuff out there that may not be appreciated? It came down to the fact that we had stories in our heads, and we needed to share them. Not everybody would be our audience, but we could find our audience. Someone who could connect with, enjoy or learn from your words.
The words were just swirling around in our heads, and we had to get them out if for no other reason to gain sanity.
And it brought me back to my blog and the purpose for it. It was practice; it was sharing in the hopes that what was going on for me might be recognizable to another. In many ways it was selfish, as it was helping me gain courage. And it was getting some of the stories out of my head.
And so now that I have eaten my fair share of humble pie, I feel reset and ready to tackle what I do not know and continue to learn and share.
Yours Humbly,

5 thoughts on “Eating Humble Pie

  1. Anne says:

    Keep on writing Jacquie! I set aside special time to enjoy your blog posts unrushed and it’s almost as good as sharing a heartfelt conversation with a wonderful friend. That’s you!


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