McDonald’s Drive Thru

“As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round. “ Ben Hogan

People that cross our paths can be such gifts to us. I have been blessed with many special people that have taught me wonderful things, but I would like to tell you a story about one special gift that I have received.

I have this friend that has always as long as I have known her, had her own sense of time.  She never seemed to stress about whether we were going to be late for something.  I would be rushing around, worrying about whether we were going to be late. And all the while, my friend is happily chatting away, without a worry in the world.

She always had this ability to be completely in the moment. I marveled at it. I was worrying about what happened yesterday, what I had to do tomorrow and her feet were firmly planted in what is going on right now.

My most memorable moment with this special friend was in a McDonald’s drive thru with a van load of kids, of all things. There was a bit of a lineup in the drive thru. Normally I would have spent this time organizing the orders that we were about to make.

Did we use this time to prepare our order, get the kids organized as to what they wanted? No, we spent our time chatting all the way up to the drive thru window. I noticed out of the rear view window that the woman behind us was not very happy about the line up taking so long.

She was visibly agitated, fidgeting around and then as we inched towards the drive thru window she was obviously breathing and blowing so hard that her bangs bounced upwards. Did I really see that?

“I think this lady behind us is in a hurry”, I said.

“What makes you say that?”

“Well look in the mirror, her head is about to blow off”

She glanced in the mirror, and laughed.

“Wow”, she said. “Seems she is”, and smiled.

 And then it was our turn, so we get up to the window and start the process of placing our large order.

“What is it you kids want?” They proceed loudly to place their orders. Then the drive thru attendant wants to know what color bears they would like with their happy meals. So my friend says, “What colors do you have? “

We have “Brown, Black, and White”.

I notice that the lady behind us is about to completely unravel. In addition to her hard breathing exercises, she is throwing her hands up in the air, and then beeps her horn.

“In a drive thru, are you serious? “

My friend smiles, and glances in the rear view mirror.

Then she says to the kids, “the bears come in brown, black, and white”

A series of shouting of various colors occurs. We translate the order and deliver to the drive thru attendant.  

I can feel my blood pressure rising, as I am wondering if we are going to have a situation of road rage in the drive thru to deal with. But my friend is blissful, smiling and not bothered in the least. Then the blowing lady beeps the horn again. I have never seen this before, I am flabbergasted.

“Perhaps we ought to hurry things up?”

She smiles at me, then says “Does anyone want dessert? “

The kids mull this over, and place their orders. We relay the message to the attendant.

Meanwhile, the lady behind us is about to lose it completely. She is now throwing her hands up in the air, breathing hard, and laying on the horn.

As we wait for the order, my friend glances in the rearview mirror and smiles.

“I am seriously concerned that she is going to have a heart attack”, I say as I look back once more.

Our order is handed out the window and we settle up.

Then off we go, my friend looks over at me and smiles. “Well that was interesting, she says”.

I smile in return and begin to laugh. “Yep, sure was”.

Just being around her reminds me that it is important to slow down and simply enjoy the moment that you are in.

Sadly my friend was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It may have slowed her down physically, but she already excelled at slowing down. So perhaps, she is also teaching us about strength and grace.  She amazes me always, with the strength, kindness and her infallible ability to live in the moment.

For all of us rushing around in life, she is a true gift and I am grateful for her.

With Gratitude for Special Friends





4 thoughts on “McDonald’s Drive Thru

  1. Anne Ralston says:

    I love it! Thanks for sharing that wonderful story. Your writing style is so descriptive that I too could see the angry woman getting ready to blow a gasket!

    Liked by 1 person

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